Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Welcome from The Bear Den

Welcome to the Deane's Creative Arts (DCA) blog, where you can find personal stories and updates related to my professional website at deanescreativearts.com.

The DCA website is multi-faceted, with pages dedicated to my related work with web design, outdoor photography, outdoor writing, musical slideshow productions, photo books, and wall art. The home page of the site is created with the thought of illustrating the kind of design I love -- functional design that is elegant in its simplicity. There's even a page with no link where I post my not-ready-for-prime-time attempts to make music with piano and guitar. The goal there is to improve the performances to the point I am willing to add a link to them, but that might not happen in this lifetime! (link sometimes available on request)
Check out the ISFS.com site that I built for a non-profit organization that seeks to improve financial literacy for organizations and their employees. The wildfowl and feather photos were provided by DCA.

A forestry expert and a wildlife biologist teamed up to create a land management business with an Internet presence here. Many of the photos for the entry-page slideshow are DCA images.

DCA donated the original site of the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA Board of Directors, and DCA does pro bono work with the Wildlife Center of Virginia to assist with their wildlife safari site.

Yorkie Valley is a site created for Cindy Chandler, experienced breeder of Yorkshire Terriers.

I also designed a site for Black Rock Gallery   at Wintergreen Resort, a high-end gift shop where my photography was sold but sadly, the shop is one of others that have gone out of business at Wintergreen due to the faltering economy and general lack of traffic at the resort shops. My photos are available now at C'ville Arts on the oh-so-pleasant downtown mall in Charlottesville.

My blogsites are also an outlet for updates on the latest observations and happenings at my home at the southern end of Shenandoah Shenandoah National Park. I live in the Blue Ridge of Virginia overlooking the Shenandoah Valley, with the park's black bears as my sometimes rowdy, alway entertaining neighbors. I did not get a photograph of the bear cooling off in my water garden, up to his neck in goldfish and water lilies -- I was too busy banging doors and throwing things in an attempt to make his exit memorable. Two amorous bears did elicit some pictures on a steamy July day, but bear porn is not exactly what I'm aiming to highlight here.

Some of the photos (the beautiful gardens and the new-born fawn) were taken at my Turkey Ridge Nature Preserve project on the east slope of the Blue Ridge in western Albemarle County.

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For Deane's photographs of the Turkey Ridge Nature Preserve, click on this link:
Turkey Ridge